In case you have a clojurescript codebase and you want to use it in your ES6 project. Sadly exports-loader does not work with it out of the box. Here's what to do.

Mark exported functions using ^:export metadata.
;; algo/core.cljs
(defn ^:export answer
  (solve nums))

This way you can call this function using using its module path algo.core.answer([1, 2, 3]).

Compile your library using lein do clean, cljsbuild once min

Now your cljs code are compiled to js wrapped using a immediate called function like this.

(function (){
// export module to this, 

This does not properly pass module context to inner function. We need to make some modification to that compiled javascript.

Modify this exported javascript file to pass a context object to the inner function
(function (){
// add stuff to this, 
Import your clojurescript library using ES6 import
import algo from 'exports?exports.algo.core!./algo';

Remember to install exports-loader with npm install --save-dev exports-loader